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Stopping Basic Life Support
Basic Life Support – Adult (Copy 1)
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Checking for Response

We need to assess if the patient is responsive or not .

To do this place your hands on the patients shoulders and give them a gentle shake. At the same time with a loud voice ask the patient “hello , can you hear me “

If the patients responds still shout for help and start to carry out a A,B,C,D,E check on them

If there is no response from your patient continue with the actions below

Open the Airway

Next we need to open the air way of the patient.

If the patient has vomited or other obstructions in the mouth , either turn them onto their side to allow the fluid to drain , or use a suction device and Magill’s forceps to remove the obstruction.

Once this is done place one hand on the patients forehead and the other hand on the patients chin and move the head into the sniffing the morning air position.

Jaw Thrust

If you suspect that the patient has a neck injury then you can open the air using a jaw thrust .

To do this place you fingers in the angle of the jaw and move the jaw forward.

Checking for Breathing and Signs of Life

Once we have opened the airway we need to check for signs of life.
Look down across the chest wall to look for chest raise.

We also need to feel for breath from the patient .

If after 10 seconds there is no breathing or signs of life your patient is in cardiac arrest and you need to start basic life support
Remember that if you have opened the airway and the patient is gasping the patient is not breathing and start Basic Life Support!


Getting Help!

Once we have identified our patient is in cardiac arrest we need to get help.
Do this by shouting for help or if you are your own by calling the hospital emergency number or for an ambulance