Intermediate Life Support


The Intermediate Life Support course is a multidisciplinary 1-day course which provides the essential knowledge and skills that are important in the initial phase of treating a critically ill patient who needs resuscitation. It provides training in more diagnostic skills than the BLS course and expands core knowledge and teaches airway management skills, ECG recognition and rapid, safe defibrillation, using an AED or a manual defibrillator. The concept follows closely that of the ALS course, but focuses only on the core knowledge and skills appropriate for most healthcare providers. The course aims to be the first-line resuscitation course for healthcare professionals.

Who is it for?

The ILS course if for medical staff wanting to expand and increase their medical knowledge. Common participants include: doctors,  nurses and ambulance staff.

What are the benefits to taking the course?

Provide better, safer care for patients in cardiac arrest. Grow your leadership skills to become a trusted leader in your workplace. Increase your job opportunities with a European standard qualification.


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